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This is a free addition to our "Cutting Between the Lines" wardrobe planning book.  As each new pattern becomes available, we will add it to the collection at no cost so you can continue to play "paper dolls" and plan how to incorporate these two new garments into your existing wardrobe.  The "flats", or line drawings, of the front and the back of both garments are included so you can print them out on colored paper or scanned copies of fabric.  You can try out various colorways in paper before making up the garment and plan how to integrate various options in your existing wardrobe.

If you have already downloaded "Cutting Between the Lines" you can add this FREE addition for Twist and Shout.  If you have not bought "Cutting Between the Lines", you can purchase it now.  Twist and Shout is now included in the updated version of "Cutting Between the Lines".