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Snap Design Ruler


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Are you one of the frustrated sewers whose fashion ruler broke on the way to class? Louise designed this new ruler that snaps together for use and snaps apart for travel.

To assemble it, lay the larger piece on the table and hold it flat with the palm of your hand, then snap the smaller piece into it. To separate the pieces, lay the whole ruler on the table. Again hold the larger piece in place and gently snap the smaller piece out of it. To use, slide it around your worktable or lift it at the point where the pieces join (2 pieces, each approximately 12" long).

Use the straight side of the Snap Design Ruler© to lengthen or shorten patterns, extend grainlines, or draw darts, hemlines, and so on.
Use the curved side to modify dart legs, customize hip curves, or change necklines and armholes. Make your patterns just right for you!

Exclusive to Cutting Line Designs