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Learn Sandra Miller's secrets for sewing gorgeous blouses.

A wardrobe mainstay, blouses are popular items to sew, but require careful attention to detail and expert finishing to look really smart.

But, no worries, because Sandra Miller reveals secrets that will work for any blouse or shirt pattern in her popular video class, Sewing Essentials: The Perfect Blouse DVD.

Learn precise techniques from a hands-on pro. In less than three hours, you can benefit from Sandra's lifetime of experience. With meticulous attention to details, she walks you through every facet of sewing the perfect blouse.

This video class is a quick and easy way to master new techniques and gain the confidence to sew gorgeous blouses, even those you may have once thought too challenging.

Sew blouses that fit, flatter, and look fabulous! If you'd love to sew exquisite, custom-made blouses, here's your chance.

In fact, you don't even have to leave home. Simply slip The Perfect Blouse DVD into your computer and learn how a professional turns even a simple pattern into a sensational fashion statement.

Here are just some of the topics covered:
  • Determine the correct size
  • Prepare the pattern
  • Prepare the right and left fronts
  • Make the pockets
  • Construct the back and sew shoulder seams
  • Construct the collar
  • Make the collar bands
  • Install sleeves
  • Attach cuffs
  • Hem the blouse
  • Make buttonholes
  • Design options